Nancy v1.4.2 will break the versioning schema

Usually when we put out a new version of Nancy, we also bump the version number of all other Nancy packages, even if they have not had any changes.

This approach has made it easy to know that you are using a version that is guaranteed to be compatible with the current Nancy version. It has made upgrading easy since you just update the Nancy package and it will update all other packages that has a dependency on the Nancy package.

However, now that the v1.x releases have officially entered maintenance mode, we have decided that the v1.4.2 release will break this tradition. For the v1.4.2 release we will only update the Nancy package it self and leave the remaining packages at v1.4.1.

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Our plans for Nancy 1.x and beyond

At the time that I write this, Nancy is less than two weeks (the 20th!) shy of turning 5 years old. For any open-source project that is quite an achievement and I dare to say that for one that is based on .NET it is amazing.

If we turn it into numbers, we put out 37 releases (a bit more than 7 per year), had 228 unique (only counting the main repository) contributors and 1237 closed pull-requests. We have had the pleasure of seeing the community embrace it, job ads pop up and people traveling to conferences, all over the world, to deliver sessions on our framework. Amazing!

In February, of this year, we put out the v1.0 release and just the other day we released v1.4.1 into the wild. Needless to say, it has been a very rewarding and humbling experience. Now, it might sound like I am about to drop the bomb and tell you all that we have decided to discontinue working on Nancy. In fact, that is the exact opposite of what I am going to tell you!

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I am now taking contract work for Nancy.

I am pleased to be able to announce that I am now able to accept Nancy based contract work (world wide).

If you are building products based on Nancy and you are looking for help with (but not limited to) code reviews, training / workshops, team coaching / mentoring, project implementations or problem solving, then you should drop me a line. I am based in Sweden so ideally looking for clients that are comfortable with remote workers, although I will also be available to occasionally work on-site.

On the legal side, all contracts will go through my employer, tretton37, which is one of the top consultancy agencies in Sweden, so you won't be dealing directly with a "one man band". Another benefit of this is that I am not the only one capable of a providing this kind of expertise at tretton37, so even if I am unavailable at the time, chances are good that we will still be able to provide you with the help you need.

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Improving the EditorWindow class in Unity

Extending the Unity editor UI is pretty simple. They have a bunch of classes that you inherit from and the editor will automatically discover and wire them up for you.

A couple of days ago I started looking into extending the editor with a custom window for some behavior tree work I am doing. I wanted to create a simple tree designer.

The initial spike went well and I managed to open up a new window, with very little code and no problems, but then I fell into the rabbit hole...

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Indie Team Up

We have all been there. We have had one or more awesome project ideas but we knew that it was either too big to tackle on our own, or we were lacking experience in some key areas to make it happen.

Instinctively we start shopping around for help amonst friends and contacts, but it is still hard to find someone that shares your vision, have the time to help out and that has the skills that are required to pull it off.

So we tell ourselves that it probably was not such a good idea anyway and move along. Recognise yourself? I sure know I have found myself in that situation more times than I can remember.

But it does not have to be that way. There are millions of people out there that are feeling the same thing and if we could only find them then we could do amazing things togehter. This is exactly the vision that Colleen Wilson, Justin Hammond and Shawn Deprey have with their Indie Team Up idea.

I had the oppertunity to catch them on Skype and talk to help about Indie Team Up and their vision for it.

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Changing the way we work on GitHub

Being a distributed team, GitHub is our single most important piece of the puzzle that makes up Nancy. With the recent changes in our governance, we felt we needed to make some changes on how we work on GitHub.

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Nancy hosting, OWIN and ASP.NET vNext

Nancy has always been disconnected from the underlaying host, enabling you to run Nancy on top of ASP.NET, self-hosted, as part of your WCF service, or embedded pretty much wherever you want.

We were also the first full framework to adopt OWIN based hosting, through our Nancy.Hosting.Owin nuget. With the recent 0.23.0 release we moved our OWIN host into the core project as a stepping stone.

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Nancy moving forward

Recently we had a meeting that was made up of Me, Steven and most of the Most Valued Minions. On the agenda was everything from discussing the governance of the project, to making plans for a v1, looking over the state of our GitHub repository and much more.

A lot of ground was covered and the intention of this blog series is to try and get down as much as possible of what we said and decided. We believe in developing in the open, so it is important that we get the information out to our community.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, suggestions and just want to share your thoughts on the subjects!

Here is a tl;dr of the posts

  • Most Valued Minions can now commit code
  • Cleaned up our labels on GitHub
  • Cleaning up all the open issues and pull-requests
  • Aiming for to put out a new release every 8-weekish
  • Pushing towards a v1 release
  • v1 will be a dual-target release, targeting both .net 4.0 and .net 4.5
  • Post-v1 we will support .net 4.0 for about 6 months
  • We are going to close down our Google group in about 1 month
  • We are going all-in on OWIN, bringing it into our core
  • We are fully committed to supporting ASP.NET vNext
  • We released

Happy reading!

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One Nancy blog to aggregate them all!

I have been wanting to create a Nancy blog for a very long time. My initial idea was to create a blog that used static files and posts in markdown format (like Sandra.Snow, which is built using Nancy, or Jekyll) and have people submit pull-requests if they wanted to share content.

A lack of time got the better of me and I never got any further than creating an empty repository. The idea never vanished and it has been something that we (the core contributors of Nancy) recently started talking about again.

During our meeting it was brought up again and we thought it was a great idea and that we should act on it. The next day Jonathan Channon shared his first spike of the blog that, behind the scenes, was powered by a Nancy based RSS aggregator. Awesome work!

I am very pleased to announce the beta of the website. It is still at a very early stage and we are not done with the design of the site yet (help is always welcome!). The source code for the blog can be found at the Nancy.Blog repository.

If you blog about Nancy then you can submit a pull-request to have your blog added to the feeddata.json. The aggregator will scan your RSS feed for any posts that are in a nancy or nancyfx category.

I won't to point out that we do not make any claims on your content. Our disclaimer clearly states that we do not take any responsibility or copyright of the content. We provide several links back to the original post and we inform the readers that all comments should be posted on the original blog (again, we provide a link)-

Don't forget to add our rss-feed to your reader to get all the aggregated Nancy content from a single source!

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