Streamlining our community presence

There as several ways that our community are able to communicate with us and each other

However, we want to make a small adjustment to that. If you are using our Google group, then you should definitly keep on reading.

Closing down our Google Groups presence

We have taken the decision to close down our Google groups presence in about one months time. The reason for this is that we feel that we are spreading ourselves too thin to provide the quality of help that we want to.

The group was great when our community was in its infancy, but the number of questions have been on a steadily on the rise, resulting in more and more questions being unanswered, or answered elsewhere. Time is a finite resource, and unfortunately we have had to focus on other things.

We would rather see these questions being raised in more public places, to make sure they reach the widest possible audience.

Clarifying communications as we move forward

Closing our Google group is the only major change we want to make, with regards to how we and the community interact with each other.

However we would also like to reiterate on how we would prefere communication to take place as we move forward.

  • JabbR for chats (which of may be in the form of asking for help)
  • StackOverflow for questions (instead of asking them on our Google group)
  • GitHub for issues
  • Twitter as an information radiator and community interactions

This is so that the best kind of help and interactions can be provided based on your needs. Hopefully this will lead to an even stronger community in the long run!

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