The governance of Nancy has been expanded

On the Nov 20, Nancy will be celebrating her 4th birthday. That is quite an achivement for any open-source project, even more so for a project in the .NET ecosystem.

During these four years a lot has happened, but apart from when Steven was added as a core contributor back on Mar 31, 2011, no one else has been granted permission to commit code to the main repository.

That is, until now.

Most Valued Minions

Back on Jan 12, 2013, we introduced the Most Valued Minions program. We describe the minions in the following way

The Nancy Most Valued Minion Award is a designation awarded to those who have proven themselves to be truly exceptional members of the Nancy community.

While the minions have had a lot to say, in terms of the direction of Nancy, they have never been granted commit access.

Last week we changed that. During a meeting we decided that the minions would gain full commit access, but the ability to publish new versions would remain with me and Steven.

They are to follow the same approach as me and Steven have done through out the years. Non-trivial changes can be pulled in without any further effort, but larger things should always be reviewed by at least two people.

Things that introduces new APIs etc. will always be subjected to discussion before anything is pulled in. We have learned that it usually takes a couple of iterations befor APIs take a shape that we like and that adhears to the super-duper-happy-path.

The effect

It came immediatly! Almost all minions have now reviewed, closed or accepted pull-requests! The recent boost in activity has been awesome to see, and we plan on using this momentum to clear up the issues & pull-requests that are open, plus release a new version roughly every 8 weeks!

Great things will come out of this change, that's for sure!

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