Nancy moving forward

Recently we had a meeting that was made up of Me, Steven and most of the Most Valued Minions. On the agenda was everything from discussing the governance of the project, to making plans for a v1, looking over the state of our GitHub repository and much more.

A lot of ground was covered and the intention of this blog series is to try and get down as much as possible of what we said and decided. We believe in developing in the open, so it is important that we get the information out to our community.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, suggestions and just want to share your thoughts on the subjects!

Here is a tl;dr of the posts

  • Most Valued Minions can now commit code
  • Cleaned up our labels on GitHub
  • Cleaning up all the open issues and pull-requests
  • Aiming for to put out a new release every 8-weekish
  • Pushing towards a v1 release
  • v1 will be a dual-target release, targeting both .net 4.0 and .net 4.5
  • Post-v1 we will support .net 4.0 for about 6 months
  • We are going to close down our Google group in about 1 month
  • We are going all-in on OWIN, bringing it into our core
  • We are fully committed to supporting ASP.NET vNext
  • We released

Happy reading!

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