Nancy hosting, OWIN and ASP.NET vNext

Nancy has always been disconnected from the underlaying host, enabling you to run Nancy on top of ASP.NET, self-hosted, as part of your WCF service, or embedded pretty much wherever you want.

We were also the first full framework to adopt OWIN based hosting, through our Nancy.Hosting.Owin nuget. With the recent 0.23.0 release we moved our OWIN host into the core project as a stepping stone.

All in on OWIN

This change was the first step to move all of our hosting on top of OWIN. We are going to update all our existing Nancy.Hosting.* packages to become meta-packages instead of fully fledged host implementations.

From a consumer point of view there will be no (hopefully) noticable changes, but internally all hosting will be done through OWIN.

If you have been running your application on, for example, our ASP.NET host, you are going to continue to use it. The difference will be internally, where it will actually will be running on top of the OWIN pipeline. The same goes for the other hosts (the fate of the WCF host is still undecided).

This will also give us less code to maintain, and there will be less risk of discrepancies between the various hosting options. Win!

ASP.NET vNext support

We are also fully committed to supporting the next generation of the ASP.NET environment, currently dubbed ASP.NET vNext. This is going to be the web platform for Microsoft as they move forward, and of course Nancy will be there as well!

In fact, the the release of 0.23.0 we also put in the first bits of code to make this possible. This was made possible by providing a UseNancy extension method to the new IBuilder interface, that is used in vNext for configuring the pipeline.

Jonathan Channon wrote a post that contains a short sample of how you can run the 0.23.0 bits on vNext - well worth a read if you want to make sure you stay bleeding edge!

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