Knowabunga day, pitching ideas as a way of learning.

I recently blogged about the Knowabunga day concept that we use at tretton37 as a platform to creating learning oppertunities. Last time we devoted all of our time to contribute to a bunch of awesome open-source projects and it was a great success for everybody that participated. Tomorrow we're meeting up again, but this time we will use a different format.

The challenge we face is; How do you create a learning oppertunity for nearly 80 people, that all have different passions and paths they would like to explore? The concept we came up with this time was to allow everyone pitch an idea for something they would like to spend the day learning. You then join on of the idea that was pitched and go on a learning frenzy throughout the day!

The idea is as simple as it is effecient. Everybody has been given the opportunity to think about things they would like to explore more, and then write up a basic, but to the point, pitch that they post on our internal website. People can read the proposals up front, but each pitch will also be given a couple of minutes to state their case at the start of the day.

One once all the picthes have been made, people form up behind the one they like the most and then we follow a simple agenda throughout the day

  • The pitch (described above)
  • The curriculum (we decide on a curriculum for the day in the group you joined)
  • The hack (codez!)
  • Lunch (nom-nom!)
  • The talks (time to meet up and share what we've been doing and what we've learned)
  • After work (can't have all work, there need to be some play as well!)

I'll be writing a follow up post and let you know how it worked out for us and what kind of pitches that was made. I know I have already made up my mind though! I will be joining a group of people that will be exploring game making using Unity3D, which is something I have been playing around with myself the last couple of weeks. Can't wait!

If you wanna follow the event on twitter, you can follow the #knowabunga Twitter hashtag!

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