A full day of open-source at tretton37

What do you get when you take 50 developers, 12 open-source projects and a full day of coding? You get a tretton37 team knowledge day, with focus on contributing to open-source projects!

It is not often that I blog about my work, but this is just so awesome that it had to be shared. So, about once per quarter we try and organize a company knowledge day, where we take everyone off their billable assignments and cuddle up at our office for a full day of awesome.

This time (the event will take place 4 days after I've posted this) we decided that we should spend the day working on various open-source projects, by sending them some pull-requests!

We open-source and it felt like the right thing for us to do. All of us use various open-source projects in our daily work so it is nice that we, as a company, get to contribute something back (of course many of us send our pull-request otherwise as well!).

Because we want to maximize the amount of time we can spent coding, we have chosen all the project up-front and divided us into teams.

The projects that was suggested, and ultimately picked, where

(Nope, I won't be on Team Nancy!)

I really hope that all teams get the opportunity to send in at least one pull-request each. Of course, what would be really awesome is if we managed to fire of a couple of them for each project!

Can't wait to get started! Wouldn't it be awesome if you could organize something similar where you work? C'mon!

Keep an eye on our Twitter stream @tretton37 for updates during our knowledge day.

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