Community maintained Nancy F# templates for Visual Studio

Not too long ago, I posted about the Visual Studio templates for Nancy and how we had taken the (tough) decision to only maintain C# templates outselves. Not because we do not see value in supporting other languages, but solely because of the shear amount of work that is required to maintain a single template.

Maintaining 9 templates (as we do with out C# templates) is a time consuming process, and the time required to support additional templates scales linear to the amount of templates we add.

We reached out the authors of the VB.NET templates and F# templates, as well as our community, and ask them to maintain the templates themselves. I didn't take long for the F# community to step up to the plate...

Ryan Riley (@panesofglass on Twitter) and Daniel Mohl (@dmohl on Twitter) took the templates and creates their own VSIX extension with their F# templates

The templates can be found at F# Nancy Template on the Visual Studio Gallery.

For more informatation, head over to Daniel's blog

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